We Were Not There

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Four killed in mall shooting, official says

From the local CBS affiliate

From the local NBC affiliate

From the local ABC affiliate

Salt Lake Tribune

Deseret News

We were home and safe. The local news had a police briefing that said six people were killed, including the gunman. There are several people in area hospitals, at least three reported in critical condition.

Our thoughts are with the victims and their families.

More tomorrow, I’m certain. o

UPDATE: 7:10 AM MDT CNN’s latest story.

A Tender Story of Intolerance

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Miller says he now thinks ‘Brokeback’ ban was wrong

Today’s Salt Lake Tribune features a slightly contrite Larry H. Miller (the guy who banned Brokeback Mountain in his movie theaters last year.

“I’m still outspoken on issues, but I know I have to look at people’s feelings and lives. I’d like to say I’m more understanding now. To say I’m tolerant would be less accurate, but I am more understanding.”

Credit to the gay community for giving more than they are receiving in this case. At least Miller met with them. I can’t wait for the days of openly out athletes. That is going to move the discussion forward in countless wonderful ways. o

(Thanks, Dave for this link!)

Intel Mac Wireless “upgrade” Released

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Apple quietly releases 802.11n Enabler

The anticipated 802.11n drivers for Intel Macs has been released. Anyone tried it, yet? I’m gonna do it, because we have a Belkin Pre-N router. While it might be a wasted $2, I want more wifi speed and I want it now. o

To Help A Bro

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This is more overdue than a 1992 tax return. Which is how long I’ve known Sean, the program director of the Radioio station linked above. Sean has been in the music business on the radio side as well as the label side for just about as long as I’ve known him. I may be reading too much into things, but Seans been trying to drum up listeners and since I’m a listener (Last.fm doesn’t track streams, it seems) I wanted to share this great station with my readers. Hopefully some of you out there will dig on what Sean is playing.

I recently added a button to the center column of blurbomat that will open the station in iTunes. If you like alternative, indie or anything in between, do yourself a favor and give Sean a listen.

You can listen to it in iTunes by clicking here.

You can listen to it in Windows Media Player here. o

My favorite sound

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This is the best video I have ever shot. Yes, I’m linking to my wife’s site.

I love the sound of my baby girl laughing. o

Very Useful

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Pile O’ Tips

The suite tip is the best when you travel with an infant/toddler. Letting kids have their own space for naps and sleeping is like manufacturing sanity. o

That Phone Guy

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30 Seconds with Phone Guy

via: Haughey

The one that I can’t stop laughing over is this one.

My favorite were the loud talkers on the N-Judah in San Francisco in 1998 - 1999. Invariably, every person spoke with the urgency of someone transporting a heart or kidney for transplant. On a train. This is captured perfectly in nearly every one of these videos. o

Apple iPhone Mockup

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The Apple iPhone (kottke.org)

Kottke builds a cardboard version of the Apple iPhone and compares it to other handheld devices and remotes. Great visual to see how big the phone will be. o

Who is Cleaning Up the Mess From the Nerdgasm?

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Apple - iPhone

I hope they had plastic down on the floor at the Moscone.

In other news, well, how about that? Pretty tasty looking.

On hold with donor bank now. They seem to be a little busy. o

For the Mac Junkies

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